May 9th, 2005


GUI Design Studio

Наконец-то доступен для скачивания (и приобретения) GUI Design Studuio. По результатам опробования можно сказать, что он оправдал значительную часть ожиданий, однако его возможности по созданию интерактивного дизайна весьма ограничены:

The purpose of this is to create simple prototypes that can demonstrate the design and ideas behind it. Armed with this, you can get feedback from others and start to explore alternatives and "what if?" scenarios.

However, it is important to understand the limitations of these prototypes. This is a user interface design tool not an application development tool. The only behaviour that is currently supported is the ability to navigate between windows; to click on a screen element and make another modal or modeless window, panel or other item appear or disappear. This includes the creation of cascading menus, popup modal dialogs, combo box drop-downs, tabbed interfaces and many other idioms.

Beyond such behaviour, the controls themselves are non-interactive. So, for example, you can't type into edit boxes or change the check state of check boxes. To do so would be somewhat pointless without coded functionality to act on the data or state changes. Such functionality is beyond the scope of the tool.

Т.е. в этом плане он не провосходит Denim, к примеру. Как для демонстрации клиенту концепции GUI это, IMHO, в самый раз.

P.S. Русский язык работает в точности там, где он не нужен. :)